Welcome to worlds biggest (unofficial) G-REX PCI Support Homepage. This page is primarily being build to give users a platform with all important information and current software for the G-REX PCI.

With G-REX PCI, DCE present a solution for the existing PPC boards (Blizzard603e(+) and CyberstormPPC), as well as the Cyberstorm Mk III that can satisfy the want for faster graphics boards, good and cheap sound cards, as well as PCI ethernet network cards.

By the direct use of the PPC bus DCE is capable of delivering the currently highest data transfer rates of upto 50 MB/s on the Amiga for a PCI interface. Fast graphics cards, like for example the Voodoo 3, will benefit from the resulting speed gains compared to other solutions.

Features of the G-REX PCI series:

  • Extremely fast PCI Bridge Design
  • Linear memory without bank Switching
  • Uniform and efficient PCI LIBRARY in Flash ROM
  • Extensive professional driver support by vision Factory (CyberGraphX)
  • DMA (direct memory access) for fast Network- and Soundcard support
  • Developed and Manufactured in Germany
  • 2 years manufacturer warranty

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Issue 01/2002
"The G-REX family, including the G-REX 1200, is [...] a technical matured Product, that can be recommend to every BlizzardPPC owner."