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New RTL_8029pci.device V1.5

Vision Factory Development has released a new Realtek RTL8029AS Networking Card Driver V1.5 for G-Rex users. Whats new? A updated for Genesis owners (Exiting Genesis). Also some speed improvements with the new driver.


CyberGraphX 4.3Beta Release3

CyberGraphX 4.3Beta Release3 for G-Rex owners has been released. Most all drivers have been updated. There is a new ENV called NOMOUSERATIO (also in V4.2pre11).

As with all V4 updates you will need your CX V4 CDROM to use this update.


SoloOne Mixer V1.2

On 3 February 2002 version 1.2 of the 'SoloOne' mixer was released. It supports sound cards with the SoloOne chip (e.g. Terratec 128iPCI).

The ESS Solo1 mixer will now run under CGX V3 & V4 and contains a few other minor updates.


Soundcard drivers are available for download

Now drivers for soundcards with the chipsets ESS-SOLO-ONE and FM-801 are available for download. For this highperformance AHI drivers we give you the equivalent soundmixer (needs gtlayout.library).

Soundcards from Terratec like the 128iPCI (ESS-SOLO-ONE) and 512i Digital (Fortemedia FM-801) use this chipset. The FM-801 chipset can only be used in the G-Rex 4000, the ESS-ONE chipset can be used in all G-Rex systems.


CyberGraphX V4.3beta

Version 4.3 beta of the graphics card driver software CyberGraphX for G-Rex is available for download. This version contains a new cgxsystem.lib and the Voodoo as well as the Permedia2 drivers were updated.

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