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G-REX 4000D shipping from today

From today the GREX 4000D is in stock and available. Today the first boards have been delivered to our distributor Vesalia Computer. The boards also are being offered by Virtualworks on the Pianeta 2001 in Empoli, Italy. Moreover we have created a new driver pack for free use.

To make our board PCI compatible with the Pegasos board the CyberPCI library version 2.2 is available now. This new flash for the first time enables Voodoo3 users to display the 15KHz start screen directly on the Voodoo card after system start. For this new graphic boards drivers and new 68060 libraries are required and made available.

Also new is the graphic board driver for the SIS 6326 VGA card supporting both of the RAM variants of this card. For sound support we are offering drivers for the approved Terratec sound cards PCI 128 and PCI 512. Compatible cards with the chip sets ESS SOLO ONE (PCI 128) as well as Fortem edia 801 (PCI 512) can be used, too. Both of the drivers support use with AHI. All of the drivers will be available for download from tomorrow.


World premiere USB for G-REX

DCE Computer Service and Vision Factory Development are proud to be able to fulfil a long term wish of the Amiga users, at last.

Together with the GREX-PCI interface for the first time it is possible to use USB devices with the Amiga.

On Saturday, 13th October for the first time we will present the functionality of the interface in our demo machine to the visitors of the Amiga Meeting in Bad Bramstedt (Germany), which will be a world premiere.


G-REX 4000 D production started

The production of the GRex 4000D devices has started. DCE updated their website and published a small picture series. Furthermore many details were added to the product description.


VISIONARY Software for BT 878 WINTV cards

Visionary is some kind of a remote control with a modern graphical interface. It gives access to the wide range of possibilities of the Visual Reality System. With it you can use modern TV/Video PCI-devices with the interface you prefer.

Visionary is made of modules. It supports a greate variety of chips and tuners. Support for new devices is easy to implement. Topicaly Visionary supports the following chips and tuners:

  • BT878
  • BT879
  • BT848
  • Conexant Fusion 878a
  • Conexant Fusion 879
  • Microtune Tuner
  • Philips Tuner

Visionary is not only easy to use but also skinable. You are not only able to watch TV on your Workebnch, Visionary also offers a cool way to do it.


First pictures of G-REX 4000 T

The first pictures of the GREX 4000T are now online. The board has three DMA-capable PCI slots and is suitable for the A4000T with Cyberstorm PPC. The board is available from Vesalia Computer from 20th September 2001.

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Issue 01/2002
"The G-REX family, including the G-REX 1200, is [...] a technical matured Product, that can be recommend to every BlizzardPPC owner."