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Warp 3D GREX-PCI Voodoo3 VGA board drivers released

DCE have released the Warp 3D GREX-PCI drivers for Voodoo3 VGA boards and made them online available for any GREX user.

Furthermore DCE is reworking their website.

There was a flash update released for Blizzard PPC containing the PCI library v1.3. Any GREX user is recommended to use this version.


Hyperion/DCE: Licence for Voodoo3-driver

DCE and Hyperion have made an agreement about the usage of the Warp 3D drivers for the G-REX PCI line Voodoo 3. Read the press release:

DCE licenses Voodoo 3 Warp 3D drivers for its G-REX line of PCI products

Hyperion Entertainment is pleased to announce that it has entered into a license agreement with DCE, producers of the G-REX line of PCI hardware for the Amiga.

Under the agreement Hyperion will support DCE's G-REX 1200 and G-REX 4000 products with fully featured Warp 3D Voodoo 3 drivers for both 68K and PPC.

"We're very pleased that DCE has decided to respond to demand by its customers for Warp3D drivers for Voodoo 3", says Ben Hermans, managing partner of Hyperion Entertainment . "Amiga users currently have quite a number of PCI solutions to chose from and the manufacturers offering the widest range of drivers for their PCI solutions will clearly have a competitive advantage. From the large number of e-mails we have received, we can only conclude that the availability of 3D drivers is a key consideration for users when they make their decision to purchase a specific PCI solution. To avoid disappointment, we once again urge users interested in 3D graphics to investigate the availability of Warp3D drivers before purchasing a specific PCI solution."


WIN-TV runs under DMA at G-REX Board

DCE is proud to announce to you that after an intensive developingtime we have finished the first beta version of the WIN-TV driver based upon the chipset BT878/BT879.

This driver supports the G-REX PCI DMA mode. You as G-REX users are able to display an overlay window in any size or depth with a minimum of CPU time. The release of the end-product is to be expected within in the next four weeks.


Informations on G-REX 4000 and MicroServer

Rene Thol has received some interesting informations from DCE on the G-Rex 4000 board and summarizes:

  • the GREX 4000 is ready, they're waiting only for the boards from the manufacturer.
  • the GREX 4000 replaces the the daughterboard (ISA-, ZIII- and videoslots) on the motherboard and is connected with the port for the CVPPC on the Cyberstorm board.
  • the TV board drivers for the GREX are still in the works and are thus no longer mentioned in the GREX advertising since only finished drivers are advertised there.
  • AGP extensions are not planned. The AGP slots of the AmigaOne will also work only through PCI with the resulting speed.
  • The planned DCE Microserver will be plugged later in one of the PCI slots and features two SDRAM slots with 133 MHz bus speed. It can be used as busmaster and has access to the entire Amiga hardware. Sadly, a Cyberstorm board already working in the Amiga has still to be used and its processors can not access the SDRAM (buswidth through PCI too narrow). Because of a CPU socket, more current CPUs than the G3/G4 can be used later. Existing PPC applications won't run immediately on the new CPUs (due to addressing and such) but have to be be adapted through (minor) changes in the sourcecode and a special library.


G-REX 1200

G-REX 1200 PCI boards will be dispatched to customers and resellers on March 9th. Hardware and software have already finished, but writing the documentation is still in progress.

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Issue 01/2002
"The G-REX family, including the G-REX 1200, is [...] a technical matured Product, that can be recommend to every BlizzardPPC owner."