The G-REX 1200 PCI is a bridge board designed for the Amiga 1200 in Winner/Power/Elbox-, Infinitiv- or V-Tower. Up to 5 PCI cards can be used. It also features AT and ATX PSU connectors.


  • 5 PCI 2.1-compliant slots
  • PCI 25-33 MHz bus clock (depending on the PPC bus clock of the Blizzard 603e(+))
  • 32 bit busmastering
  • 32 bit DMA from/to Blizzard 603e(+)
  • Data transfer rates of upto 25 MB/s between Amiga and PCI
  • 1.76 GB address space without bank switching
  • PC AT and ATX power supply connectors
  • Supported by AmigaOS and MorphOS
  • Requires a Blizzard 603e(+)
  • Made in Germany, 2 years manufacturer warranty

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Issue 01/2002
"The G-REX family, including the G-REX 1200, is [...] a technical matured Product, that can be recommend to every BlizzardPPC owner."