What Graphics Cards have VGA boot screen support? Why Can't a generic VESA "mode" be supported so all cards work?
Currently only Voodoo3 and Permedia2. Other cards will be added in the future. Vesa modes are just default modes & a function interface .. it's not really compatible on a hardware level. If it was, you could just use one BIOS for all gfx cards. That is the main reason it won't work. Also many cards do not follow VESA spec 100% so even if it could work, many cards would break. There are other ways around this problem but that would run into a bigger cost for the user.
How many graphic cards does CGX support in the G-Rex?
As many slots as that G-Rex has: 5, 4 or 3.
Will my CyberStorm MKIII work with the G-Rex?
Yes, MKIII is basically a CSPPC without the PPC.
Will all the current TV/Video, Network, Graphic and Sound drivers work with all 3 G-Rex cards?
Yes. That is why there is a cybpci.library, that is where the differences are.
Will the 1200 G-Rex Warp3D driver work with the G-Rex 4000D|T?
Should work fine out of the box.
Will the CSMK3 and CSPPC need to have their bios flashed to let them use the G-REX?
Yes. The files needed to update the flash BIOS on the CSPPC& CSMKIII will come on floppy or CDROM with the G-Rex4000D|T.
Can the G-Rex 4000 use more then 1 DMA card?
Yes. All slots can use DMA cards.
I bought a G-REX second hand but with the driver CD. Where can I get the files?
All drivers that were available on the CD can be downloaded from the download page here on this site.
Can I use USB cards with my G-REX?
Basically yes but your PowerPC card would need a DMA update which was never offered by DCE.

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